Commercial Land

Seaside - Central Europe

Invest in small plots in the area

of Ustronie Morskie

and enjoy the beauties of the sea

as well

infrastructure development !

We offer a unique opportunity to purchase 20 of 29 plots of land for investment purposes within the framework of the emerging housing estate single family houses with tourist services and commercial in Sianozety, Ustronie Morskie, Kolobrzeg County, West Pomeranian Voivodeship, in north-western Poland.

  • Do you have free funds?
  • Do you want to start investing in real estate?
  • Do you think land is the safest asset?

Good Potential for Profit

Of course, the potential for good profits is also known to be one of the biggest reasons why the purchase of development land and building plots is increasing in popularity. As an example, if you are able to negotiate with the local council a change in the planning status of the land, say from agricultural use to residential housing then you could see a significant increase in the value of your investment.

There are also many tax advantages to purchasing land that investors enjoy. In simple terms, if you find the right building plot or parcel of development land in the right area and with the right planning permissions then it could have the potential to change your financial situation for the long-term. Consider this: people will always need homes, and therefore land, so your investment is unlikely to go out of fashion.

Due Diligence & Thorough Research

Although the benefits of investing in building land are attractive for many, it is important to ensure you research your potential land purchase thoroughly before you sign any contract or part with your cash. Like any property acquisition, there can be significant pitfalls if you fail to take the time to conduct your research and complete your due diligence stages… buyer beware.

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